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Growing Digital School Management System (DSMS) In Nepal



Growing Digital School Management System (DSMS) In Nepal - Fiction Dice
Literacy is the bedrock to acquirement to the essence of life skills that are needed to cope up with challenges in life. Learn about DSMS by Fiction Dice.

Literacy is the bedrock to acquirement to the essence of life skills that are needed to cope up with challenges in life. According to the census 2011, the literacy rate of Nepal was 65.9% i.e 34.1% people are illiterate. Is it because Nepal has inaccurate education? Are the teachers not qualified? Don’t the books get revised and updated with the latest trends? It is by the reasons for the lacking in the high-quality education system and lack of access to educational materials in remote areas.

Why is it better to choose School Management System?

Nepal has faced positive changes and Uplifting of education quality in the academic sector through digitalization. The facility of learning through the internet has brought lots of changes not only in urban areas, but also advancing visions and creativity of remote areas where once educational materials were not available. The literacy rate has increased in these recent years.

The Internet has become an illusion. There are much software and apps for managing Student’s Information, Learning, Accounting, Inventory Management, Library, Attendance, Payroll and the list goes on for School Management. It confuses the user to think twice or thrice for choosing the best among all. But, School Digital Management System brings all these facilities into one place from analyzing students to deal with teacher’s performance as well as evaluating the school’s performance.

It digitizes everything and makes hassle-free paperwork through online access platforms. The special feature about the DSMS is even when the user is offline, the users can have access as the data are synchronized in clouds later when it’s online. The best thing about SMS is it encourages students in improving their understanding through slides, videos, and handouts. In addition, DSMS also encourages self-study in students.

How are students benefited from School Management System?

Smart ID card

Students can have access to Smart ID card. The cards have a Bar Code Reader(BCR) encrypted on it. It contains detailed information about students.

Online Certificates

It gives access to online admit card and certificates. The students should now no longer worry about sitting on queue for an hour or more for taking one transcript.

Online attendance

The students can have Bar Code Reader attendance. The home assignments also can be submitted online. It helps manages time punctuality and discipline.

eLibrary and eForms

Students can have access to a digital library. The best part is having thousands of books in your pocket and choose your favorite out of many. You can fill in any form online anywhere at any time. For instance, when a student needs to submit an application letter for absence, he/she can submit it online. One can apply for student’s scholarships.


It bridges the gap of communication between students and teachers through a communication channel. Student’s profile is created. The student’s performance is recorded and the teacher’s comments and feedback are also received. There are several group chats, slides, teacher’s handouts, clubs, etc. It enables students to self evaluate the study progress. The students receive more attention and interaction that can help a student to work on their weakness.

What does School Management System add to the teachers?

Online attendance

Teachers should no longer worry signing on the huge bulge of the register for recording their presence and leave the school during the busy schedule. They can sign up their account and just one click can make them present in school.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Teachers can review their salary receipts with date and time. It can help them in budgeting expenses and savings.

Teacher and parent interactions

Teachers can talk about progress and areas to improve that helps parents to know their child’s learning techniques, and help them guide in the home, as well.

Course Plan

Teachers can have a short meeting and plan for the syllabus. They can upload their course plan directly without organizing meetings again and again.


E-Forms is designed for teachers for filling various purposes. For instance, Students notes, class announcements, school articles, and information, etc.

What facilities does SMS have for busy scheduled parents?

Online payment

The parents can make the payment through an online payment gateway such as Khalti, eSewa, IME Pay, ebankings, Fonepay, etc.

Academic results

Parents can have their child’s academic results in their hand without visiting the school. Some students are found to have their results hidden from parents. With School Management System, Parents can have a transparent view of a child’s progress and improvement.


Parents can write comments, compliments, and complaints to the teacher.

Teachers and Parents interactions

The Teachers, and Parents Interactions allows both teacher and parents to know the child in a more personal way. Parents can share the nature of their child that might help teachers for effective teaching. Parents can leave their feedback using E-forms.

Hostel Management

Parents should no longer wait for an appointment or separate their time talking to a school in charge regarding hostel management. It helps to track clear information regarding the facility of the hostel.

Notices and SMS integration

The system has E-calendars. The calendar informs you about important events, dates, holidays, and programs. SMS integration informs the user through SMS and E-Mail. For instance, if the student is absent, the absence notice is sent to parent.

How does SMS pay off your hard work in managing the entire organization?

Accounts Management

It deals with bill management, admission management, fee management, etc.

Attendance Management

It records the presence of students, teachers, staff, etc. It helps an organization to evaluate the performance of students, teachers, etc.

Exams Management

SMS allows taking exams online as well as review results. It provides notices regarding the exams routines, schedules, overall grading, etc.

Notice and SMS integration Management

The organization can get relief from typing all the notices to be sent to parent, and sometimes conducting meetings for small announcements. The user can have access to the important notices, holidays, announcements, etc.

Employee Management

It keeps the teacher’s information such as name, place, and everything needed for an organization. The organization can also publish vacancy announcements online about various posts available. SMS provides prolific display service where one can upload curriculum vitae and be a part of the organization.

Student Management

School Management System keeps student’s information such as presence, engagement, etc.


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